About ASI:

What Is ASI?

Academic Services International is an independent test preparation company specializing in SAT 1 test preparation. ASI was founded by experienced teachers who have been teaching SAT preparation at International and American Schools around the world.

The ASI mission is to provide a quality course. This is accomplished by innovative methodology, scholastic excellence with sound educational philosophies, and superior teaching experience. We show students how to prepare a successful comprehensive strategy for taking the SAT. Our first priority is to maintain exxcellence in teaching from concept to measurable results.

It is often believed that one cannot prepare for the SAT. Our statistics prove that you CAN prepare for the SAT, substantially improving your test taking skills and dramatically raising scores. We are an interactive team driven by passion and commitment. We truly believe in our method and curriculum, and have a proven track record.

Our core group is comprised of dynamic teachers, each with more than 25 years of teaching experience. In addition to their prior experience, each teacher has received extensive training in the ASI methodology. We have combined their field experience with our technique, providing program consistency and the benefit of cumulative experience.

Communication with counselors, parents and students has a high priority to assure the best productivee environment, to meet specific needs, and to assure the meeting of mutual expectations. We run a lean ship. The value proposition requires a stress on excellence, not on profit.