The real measure of our performance is the quantitative measure of score increases and satisfaction of students, teachers, and guidance counselors with our total organization. The following are representative samples of unsolicited comments from students, parents, and guidance counselors.

Student Comments:

• I just got my SAT score today... guess how much I got? 1530! My parents treated me to Pizza Hut tonight and it was wonderful!

• I think God really wanted to help us when Wei met you accidentally at SAS. Otherwise I wouldn't get a 1530 with only 2 months' preparation. When you come to Shanghai again, be sure to call me. I really want to see you again.

• As a former student of the ASI SAT prep course, I wanted to share just how much this course really helped me acheive my score on SAT. When I first sat down in this course and took the SAT for the first time in my whole life, besides the PSAT's, the score I got was a 350 verbal, 420 math. Pretty pathetic! But as I gained confidence in the method that was being taught by you and was actally able to use this method to get the correct answers, I improved my score to 710 math and 580 verbal. Thanks to this course, I would probably have never been able to have the confidence for this score. The nice people and keen atmosphere helped the improvement and learning - a must when it comes to cracking the SAT.

• I'd just like to thank you for your course. It has helped me out exceptionally with raising my scores. I will be taking the SAT I's again in October/November to raise my verbal score.

• It was really a coincidence, or what we Chinese called "Fate", that I took you SAT course, because I actually ran into Linda and Carol when fetching the SAT bulletin, the second day I knew about SAT. Thus, I really should thank your help in my SAT odyssey.

• This was the best course I have ever taken.

• I think this course was a wonderful investment. The course has increased my confidence and I now hope to do well on SAT.

• I did much better in this practice test than I did on my PSAT. Good course.

Students on Other Courses:
• I indeed will recommend this course to others. I have not taken a similar course before.

• Thank you for the course. I can actually say this course really works. Princeton* doesn't. Once again, thank you.

• It seems that overall, students and parents like the course and the timing, for the most part. I do think it comes at a crucial time, just prior to the October SAT I exam. The comment from one student that they liked it better than Princetom Review is worth noting.

• Better than Priceton Review* weekend PSAT prep.

• This was the best SAT course I have ever taken.

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