About ASI:

What ASI Is Not

ASI is NOT affiliated with any college and we cannot guarantee acceptance to a college. We cannot guarantee a specific score. This will depend on student commitment to learn and practice the ASI method.

ASI is NOT a quick fix. We teach the test taking skills needed for this particular test. Starting with the knowledge you already have, our method builds on this base, but is directed to the idiosyncrasies of the SAT:

• Although we build vocabulary as part of the practice process, we do not primarily teach vocabulary. You are told what and whereto study in the available time before the SAT and are provided with resources to start the process. You'll learn how to use the vocabulary you already know to intelligently define the meanings of words you may not know.

• All math skills that are needed for the SAT have already been taught by the time you are ready to take this prep course. Therefore we do not need to teach math, but teach you how to recognize and apply the math skills that are already known and needed to solve the problems correctly.