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The student manual is the centerpiece of the ASI course. It was written exclusively for ASI in the context of the ASI method. This manual is not
available commercially or through any other company. This manual, plus
other course resourses listed below, are offered as part of the course.

The Official SAT Guide by the College Board:
This book is used extensively to correlate ASI methodology and strategy with actual SAT tests and to provide students with SAT test-taking practice using actual SAT questions.

SAT Specific Calculator:
Included with the course is the Casio fx-55, chosen specifically for the SAT test. This calculator has all the keys that are necessary and none of those which would just get in the way. Eliminating all unnecessary keys eliminates the need for the “second function”, graphing and trigonometry keys that just clutter and complicate the computation process, wasting valuable time. Since all students have the same calculator, only one set of instructions are needed for teaching, saving valuable time for both instructors and students.

Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder:
This great “little book” is designed to build vocabulary and teach the most useful of the classical word-building root words. It employs an original approach that integrates readily with the ASI method. Unlike most vocabulary builders that rely on rote alphabetical memorization, this book presents words in meaningful text that includes interesting, and many times humorous, trivia. It is great reading and a wonderful enhancement and supplement to the course.

Tooth & Nail:
This resourse is a “novel” approach to building SAT vocabulary. Based on 35 previous SATS's, SAT level words are presented in context, bolded, and defined in the Glossary. A terrific way to prepare for the SAT by reading a mesmerizing mystery.

Flash Cards / Highlighter / Verbal/Math Solutions Handouts:
The course includes a set of thirty-two flash cards to aid practice and review. Just because we can't be with students as they practice the 10 Real SATs tests, doesn't mean they are on their own. They will be provided with answers and detailed explanations for test questions for both verbal and math sections. Students can lose as much as 200 points on the SAT by missing key words that identify the questions and assure the correct solution. Students use a highlighter to condition the mind to find ALL these clue words.

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