Course Information:

Course Elements

The ASI course is comprised of five key elements:

A Highly Qualified Teaching Staff:
We take great pride in our teachers. All are certified teachers with many years of teaching experience. They complete a rigorous ASI training program and teaching internship before they are sent out to teach our international courses.

Comprehensive Course Materials:
In addition to our exclusive ASI manual, we have carefully selected a complete range of preparatory books and study companions. We provide everything needed to prepare for the SAT. Please read about the course materials provided to every ASI student.

Time Management Strategy:
Because the SAT is a timed test, speed is as important as accuracy on test day. The student only has a limited time during which to earn as many points as possible. It is crucial for a student to develop an efficient time management strategy for maximizing speed and personal strengths. During the course, we will help each student to recognize these factors and adapt individual strategies for continuing improvement.

Timed Practice Testing :
As part of the ASI course, students will complete a timed SAT practice test to determine their baseline score. Each section of the test is corrected and
explained in the context of the ASI method. By completing an entire SAT test together, students learn the best strategies for continuing to practice on their own.

Extra Help And Personal Attention:
Our interactive approach to learning doesn't stop at the classroom door. Students are encouraged to set up time for extra help with their specific needs outside of scheduled class times. During the duration of their stay, our teachers are available to the students.

Post Course Follow-up Facility :
Just as our teachers are available outside of class hours, they continue to be available after the course is over and they've returned home. Like any skills, those we teach must be practiced in order to be perfected. Students will learn how to practice most efficiently during their course time, but when inevitable questions arise they are not on their own. Even after the course is over, one-on-one e-mail support will still be there as students continue to hone their SAT skills.

ASI Can Improve:

Test Taking Skills - Student Confidence - Increased SAT Scores

Course Hours

The ASI program is an intensive twenty-two hour course, usually scheduled over two consecutive weekends. We do not teach vocabulary or math per se. We teach students how to take this particular test. Our unique method makes it possible to present all that is needed to maximize scores in just these twenty-two hours.

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